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910 Sanitation
PO Box 662
Jacksonville, NC 28541

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m.  5:00 p.m.


(910) 324-1411


What day is trash pickup?
Pickup will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.
There will be a colored sticker placed on the lid of each trash can indicating when your trash pick-up day will be.
Please have your cans by the road the night before by 10:00 pm.
When is recycling picked up?

Every other Thursday.

Below is a revised calendar indicating recyclable pick-ups for the rest of the year 2022 & Jan. 2023:
2023 Recycle and Holiday calendar


What are the fees?


Flat Monthly Fee – $30
Semi-Annual Fee – $180
Annual Fee – $330 (Get one month free!)
The pricing directly above includes ONE (1) 96-gallon trash can that is picked up once weekly.


Monthly Trash Fee + 18 gallon recycle BIN – $33
Semi-Annual Fee + 18 gallon recycle BIN$198
Annual Trash Fee+ 18 gallon recycle BIN – $363
Monthly Trash Fee + 96 gallon recycle CAN$41
Semi-Annual Fee + 96 gallon recycle CAN – $246
Annual Fee + 96 gallon recycle CAN – $451

The pricing directly above includes weekly trash pick-up for ONE (1) 96- gallon trash can and biweekly recycle pick-up.


**Additional fees will apply with extra trash**
How do I pay?
Customers who pay monthly are required to have a credit card on file as we do automatic drafts on the 1st of each month. Semi-annual and annual drafts can be made, as well.
Customers who would like to pay by check are required to pay a Semi-annual or an Annual fee in advance.
Do you pick up extra trash?
Yes, however additonal fees will apply. Please contact the office prior to pick-up via email at for pricing.
We allow up to two (2) bags of trash beside your 910 container each week. Any personal trash cans or additional baggage exceeding the 2 bag limit will not be picked up , unless we are contacted prior and payment is made.
We DO NOT have the capability to pick up bulk items, such as dressers, grills, furniture, mattresses, etc at this time.
If you are experiencing extra trash frequently additional trashcans can be provided upon request for an extra monthly cost.
I just signed up! When will I get my can?
Trash cans and recycle bins are delivered each Wednesday.
We cannot provide an exact time your can will arrive on delivery day.
When is my prorated fee charged?
You will be charged a prorated amount on the Monday or  Tuesday prior to receiving your trash can. Trash cans are delivered each week on Wednesday.
The prorated fee is calculated from the day you receive your trashcan to the end of that current month.
Your recurring monthly payment will begin on the 1st of the following month.
If you pay Annually or Semi-annually you will be charged your advanced payment the Monday or Tuesday before your receive your trashcan, no prorates will be incorporated in your fee.
Again trash cans are delivered each week on Wednesday.
What days are you closed?
* We are closed on the days that the Onslow County Landfill are closed *
Please note that the Calendar is subject to change based on the Landfill schedule, please review prior to an upcoming Holiday.

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day


Click the link below for the 2023 Holiday and Recycle Calendar: 
2023 Recycle and Holiday calendar

Can I get an extra trash can?
Each extra trash can is $21/mth.
Need to cancel?
No problem, send an email to stating you would like to cancel, along with the name and address on the account. Trashcans are picked-up on Wednesdays.
Please send our office notice the week you would like your can picked up to ensure an accurate pick-up date.
I am moving and would like to keep my service, what do I do?
Please email our office at the week you are moving with the new service address so we can update our route maps.
Please take your existing trashcan and recycle bin (should you have one) with you to the new address.
If you would prefer to leave the trashcan and have our company deliver another one to the new address, we can do that; however, there will be a delivery fee applied. Deliveries are made each week on Wednesday.

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